About this blog

SR2Learn in the 21st Century

Learning how to learn effectively is an essential skill for the 21st century. Successfully regulating learning means generating knowledge, skills and strategies for continually fine-tuning learning to meet the demands of a rapidly changing world. Learners who succeed in the 21st century will be masters:

  • interpreting complex solo and collaborative tasks
  • setting goals that guide flexible and strategic planning and monitoring
  • choosing, experimenting with, and wisely constructing strategies to tackle diverse and rapidly changing tasks
  • reflexivley adapting learning within and across tasks to capitalize on strengths and learn from errors
  • self-regulating, co-regulating and sharing in the regulation of learning

This blog space is designed to be an interactive resource for learners. It includes, lessons, tips, and activities to guide learners to regulate learning and optimize performance. Blog entries are created by students, researchers, and professors who share a goal of wanting totranslate state-of-the art theory and research into accessible and digestible instructional summaries.

This blog is useful for learners of all ages, parents, teachers, and college instructors.



  1. When trying to set expectations for a goal that is both personal and professional, how do I begin to look at it as a process instead of a challenge. To better understand my scenario, I was raised catholic, and want to teach in a catholic school although I have been disconnected from my religion for years now. I was challenged because I was not involved in or surrounded by people who would encourage me and keep me accountable to my faiths practices. How do I now re educate myself on practices, values and behaviour that are expected of me to model in my classroom and when teaching my faith.

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