Posted by: Allyson Hadwin | March 19, 2011


HI Everyone

Once Trish reactivates the right sidebar menus (by dragging the inactive widgets back to the sidebar under APPEARANCE), you will see that I have set up a space for your blogging project.

I have added two empty posts for each of you (one for activities, one for lessons). You can add as many posts as you want to your section. Make sure when you add a post that you choose your blogging project under category (e.g. Jennifer’s blogging project)

Use posts instead of pages. You have all the same functionality and more. Posts are more dynamic and it is easier to tag them, search for them and move them around.

Once you get started, we will change the name of your category and the preliminary blog posts to names that reflect the content of your blog contributions. For now, I am using your names to help you navigate the space.



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