Posted by: Allyson Hadwin | March 22, 2011

Tips for blogging assignment

Remember that this course is about self-regulated learning and instructional technologies for learning to regulate learning. Our goal in constructing this blog is to create the penultimate interactive resource on SRL. Students will continue to build on what you have started over the next few semesters.

Make sure that the SRL theme is very transparent early in your post. We want the reader to know what your blog post has to do with SRL right away so they can pick up the common thread no matter what they read or where they enter th blog. If you just jump into something on setting goals, or public speaking the blog may seem really disjointed to a novice reader.

I recommend using a title for your blog (and/or the first couple of sentences) to make the connection very transparent:

For example, use a title like:
Setting goals for SRL
SRL and public speaking nerves
SRL and sport training

Introduce your blog with a sentence something like:Self-regulated learning is all about….. YOUR TOPIC requires SRL because….


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