Posted by: Allyson Hadwin | March 26, 2011

Removing linked posts from the visible list of posts under your project category

After you have linked posts, you may find that you want your category to have just one post. This way you can guide the reader through the posts in the order you want. This might be useful when you have a whole bunch of subposts in your project and you can’t seem to organize them so that they are accessed in the order you want them to be viewed.

If you look at Allyson’s blogging project, you will see that I have removed “Allysons blogging activity”. My post “Allysons blogging lesson” contains a link to “Allyson’s blogging activity” and it works. The activity post is still alive, it is just not listed under my category.

Easy to do. Get all your links set up in your main post. Then edit each of the sub posts (the ones you link to) and just unclick the category assignment on the right. The post still exists but is no longer listed in your Project menu.


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