Posted by: reimerjs | March 30, 2011

Know Thy(Self-Efficacy): Table of Contents

Table of Contents

To borrow from Socrates’ infamous line, it is important to Know Thyself. When we’re talking about self-regulated learning (SRL), it is more important to Know Thy(Self-Efficacy). In order to “know” this, then, it makes sense to find out what exactly self-efficacy is all about…

So what does this blog contain? Below you’ll find a “Table of Contents” with a brief overview of each page’s main points and ideas. Note that if you choose to start at the beginning, you will be linked in sequence through the remaining pages.

The point of this blog is to get you thinking about self-efficacy. Keep the following in mind as you navigate around the site:

  • What is self-efficacy?
  • What is self-regulated learning?
  • How does self-efficacy promote self-regulated learning?
  • Can I have a high self-efficacy? (HINT: The answer is YES!)
  • How can I apply self-efficacy to my own academic successes?

1. Getting To Know Thy(Self-Efficacy)

A brief, narrated instructional video hitting the high points of self-efficacy and its relation to self-regulated learning in the context of academia. Contents include definitions of major terms, relationships between terms, and strategies to put self-efficacy to good use. For those of you who are short on time, this is the perfect ten-minute answer to your self-efficacy questions.

2. Know Thy(Self-Efficacy): The Basics

A text-based explanation of self-efficacy, motivation, and self-regulated learning in academics. For those of you who wish to flesh out those topics explored in the narrated presentation, start here and work your way through a series of examples and activities, including the links below.

3. Self-Efficacy Activity: The GSE

The General Self-Efficacy Scale (GSE) taps into the major skills and behaviours underpinning self-efficacy. Click here to see where you stand!

4. Self-Efficacy in Action: “Trash Can” Do

Are you ready to engage firsthand in real-time self-efficacy? Click here to find out how.

Spoiler Alert: You will need to be in an open area to do this activity!

5. Promoting Self-Efficacy: Tips for Teachers and Students

You will come to learn just how important high self-efficacy really is inside and out of the classroom. Students and teachers in search of quick tips and strategies to put all of this theory to use should click here to learn more.


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