Posted by: jennhalbert | March 30, 2011

SR what?

As classroom teacher’s it is always our goal to provide all of our students with the opportunity to become Expert Learners.  By using the Universal Design for Learning Lesson framework we can build in the 5 key components that enourage high Self-Regulated Learning classrooms.

Self-regulated learning is the process of planning, monitoring and regulation of cognitive, behavioural and motivational processes towards the completation of an academic task (Hadwin, 2008)

Say What?

Think about it this way.  SRL a learning process. It consists of the development of a set of behaviours that affect one’s learning. These processes are planned and adapted to support the pursuit of personal goals in changing learning environments.



Self-Regulated Learners:

  • are not passive recipents of knowlege (they seek out information)
  • are self-directed
  • goal orientated
  • use a variety of strategies to support their learning
  • monitor their progress
  • are reflective

Next: Lets learn about Universal Design for Learning and how it can benefit SRL in the classroom.


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