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SRL & Sport: What is SRL?

SRL & Sport

What is SRL?

What is SRL prezi from Lindsay McCardle on Vimeo.

SRL stands for Self-Regulated Learning. People who self-regulate their learning have the following characteristics:

  • Active: They play an active role in trying to achieve goals.
  • Intentional: They consciously & deliberately control their learning.
  • Reflective: They think about the best way to reach their goals and what they could do better.

There are a few things involved in “learning”. All of these can be regulated. These are:

  • Behaviour: What you actually do.
  • Cognition: What you think about or how you think about something.
  • Motivation: Desire to do the task.
  • Emotion: How you are feeling.

So, what does it mean to regulate these aspects of learning? This means monitoring how you are doing and making changes when things aren’t going well.

A few important processes are involved in SRL. SRL can be thought of as a cycle through four important phases.


  1. Task Understanding: Personal interpretations of what you need to do.
  2. Goal Setting & Planning: Deciding specifically what you want to achieve & how you are going to do it.
  3. Strategy Enactment: Actually doing the task & engaging strategies to achieve your goal.
  4. Adapting: Making changes to your task interpretation, goals, plans, or strategies.

At the heart of SRL are monitoring & evaluating. If you don’t monitor your progress against your goal and evaluate what is working well and not so well, then you don’t know what it is you need to change. For any tasks or goals in life, you can progress through this cycle. Often, to achieve a goal, you will go through the cycle multiple times, revising your understanding of the task, what it is you want to achieve and what it is your doing to achieve that goal – this is productive self-regulation.

Example of SRL in Sport

Example of SRL in School

Parallel Processes in Sport & School


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