Posted by: lindsay | April 3, 2011

SRL & Sport: Example of SRL in School

SRL & Sport

Example of SRL in School

SRL in school prezi from Lindsay McCardle on Vimeo.


Previously, we looked at how Lucas regulated his learning in his sport of Olympic Weightlifting. Lucas is also an undergraduate student. He goes through the same SRL cycle for studying for an exam.

Lucas studies for a biomechanics final exam.

  1. Task Understanding : Lucas’ biomechanics exam will consist of multiple-choice & written problems applying physics to human movement.
  2. Goal Setting & Planning : Lucas’ goal is to be able to quickly apply the principles of physics to word problems involving human movement. To improve this ability, he plans get a lot of practice on the written problems.
  3. Strategy Enactment : Lucas practices questions in increasing complexity to allow him to be able to recognize the important elements of each type of question & how to solve them.
  4. Adapting : To monitor his performance, Lucas checks his answers against the provided solutions. When he faces difficulty in being able to answer a certain type of question, he returns to his textbook & refreshes his understanding of the principles of physics.

Just like you reflected on how you self-regulate in your sport training, take a minute to think about how you do, or can, self-regulate your learning for an academic course. Use the SRL in School Chart to guide your reflection.

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  1. I’m new to this site and SRL as a formal process, and I just wanted to say Lindsay’s post comparing the use of SRL in sports to school is spot on. I’m sure everyone has known or seen several individuals in their personal and professional lives who just seem to excel; they’re winning a running race one day, the next writing an anatomy exam at the top of their class. Some call these individuals naturally gifted, lucky, or over-achievers. In reality, as this resource accurately depicts, they’re just good self-regulated learners. Particularly in individual sports, where large components of the training program are self-determined, the SRL process naturally evolves. Often it is a race or particular standard that is set as a distant goal on a calendar, along with several short-range competitions along the way, then amidst this, training cycles and strategies are filled in to meet those goals, with constant self-monitoring and adaptation of the strategies. This promotes a strong sense of self-efficacy that becomes ingrained and spills over into their academic lives as well. Thanks for the well written and vivid description, really put this all together for me. Perhaps the key to teaching SRL is finding something that individual is truly passionate about, and then guiding them to acquire the tools to set and achieve their goals.

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