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GET A GRIP (a.k.a. intentionally take control of your goals)

Take a moment to think about what role goals have played in your life.  Probably some have been very influential and others ineffective.  The reality is that all goals can be useful and can inspire you to… (hint: watch short video clip).

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Goals help you to get a grip on1:

  • finding a place to start
  • managing one piece at a time
  • indicating what type of strategies will work best
  • allowing you to know how well you are doing
  • keeping you motivated

Once you know how, it makes sense to intentionally take control of your goals2!

Click on the below links to learn more.

GET A GRIP ON goals (the basics).

GET A GRIP ON types of goals.

GET A GRIP ON quality goals.

GET A GRIP ON planning for your goals.


To see if YOU are ready to GET A GRIP ON your GOALS…GET A GRIP ON your GOALS


1Hadwin, A. F., & Winne, P. H. (2011, in press). Promoting learning skills in undergraduate students. In M. J. Lawson & J. R. Kirby (Eds.),The quality of learning: Dispositions, instruction, and mental structures. New York: Cambridge University Press.

2Webster, E., Helm, S., Hadwin, A. F., Gendron, A., & Miller, M. (2010, April). Academic goals and self-regulated learning: An analysis of changes in goal quality, goal efficacy, and goal attainment over time. Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Educational Research Association. Denver, CO.

Further reading:

Winne, P. H., & Hadwin, A. F. (1998). Studying as self-regulated engagement in learning. In D. Hacker, J. Dunlosky, & A. Graesser (Eds.), Metacognition in Educational Theory and Practice (pp. 277-304). Hillsdale, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum.



  1. […] Return to SRL and Goals, Get a Grip. […]

  2. […] Goal-setting and planning – deciding what you want to achieve and how you might get there. […]

  3. […] This way you can set yourself small goals that you will be able to meet within 2 hours.  Click here to learn more about goal […]

  4. Thank you for this resource. I am currently in the process of working out an inquiry goal for the remainder of my term, and I like the way you phave phrased “get a grip on” about how goals can help you focus.
    – Farah

  5. Currently, I am taking a course on self-regulated learning. The ideas presented in this series of posting reflect the concepts and readings of my course. The additional links and comments offer further insight that strengthens my knowledge of goal setting and self-regulated learning. What I have come to understand about this topic is that successful self-regulated learners establish control over their learning and their performances when they regulate their goals. Goals should be used to challenge our learning and provoke further thinking. In order to determine the right steps towards goal setting one must primarily come to an understanding of ones self. Establishing a personalized set of strengths and weaknesses, skills and learning styles. Goals should be challenging although at the same times realistic. Ideas concerning self-regulated learning can and will evolve through resources such as this one, where professionals can come together to share their experiences and discuss their findings.

  6. I am currently taking a course on self-regulated learning, and we have talked a lot about the importance of goal setting in SRL. This is an importance concept when thinking about SRL and something that should be taught from a young age. As a current teacher in the Full Day Kindergarten program, I put a strong focus on SRL from the very beginning of the year. I have created a “goal” wall, where students are asked to think of a goal that they hope to reach by then end of the year. We also have part of the goal wall to set aside goals that we hope to reach as a class. This is a great resource for educators and parents to understand how important goal setting is in SRL, as it gives our students and children a tangible task and helps engage them in something that is meaningful for them, since they chose the task themselves. Thanks for providing such a great resource!

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