Posted by: Alison Dewis | April 11, 2011

GET A GRIP ON planning for your goals.

Planning to achieve your goals includes a variety of factors.

Consider the following when creating and implementing your plans – the plans that will help you  achieve your goal.

  1. What actions will you take (focus on the process of tasks that will lead to the outcome)?
  2. When will these actions take place (day, time, duration)?
  3. To what degree, amount or standard?
  4. What is realistic?

FOR EXAMPLE, Stephanie wants to go to a local college to study art history.  A component of the application is to complete an art portfolio with 10 pieces of original artwork.  What action will she take? She will complete one piece of art every three weeks.  When will this action take place? Stephanie will work on her art Tuesdays from 7pm-9pm, Thursday 10am-11am, and Sundays 1pm-4pm.  To what degree, amount or standard? Prior to the creation of each piece, Stephanie will create a list of criteria for the piece with her teacher.  This will provide her with a standard to follow.  What is realistic? If she falls behind on her schedule, she is not worried as she has free time to work on her art on Saturday mornings as well as time during school vacation.  She also knows that her art teacher will be challenging all of the students to complete their work in a timely manner and this extra support will be valuable.

Map out your future, but do it in pencil.  ~Jon Bon Jovi, quoted in Reader’s Digest, “Quotable Quotes,” September 2002

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