Posted by: Alison Dewis | April 11, 2011

GET A GRIP ON types of goals.

There are many “types” of goals and those that are the most effective tend to be:

  1. self-set
  2. clearly articulated
  3. acted upon in small manageable chunks.

The good news is that one can take control of and intentionally plan for achieving their goals.

What is key is that as goals are set and plans are made…it affords opportunities for learners to distinguish between what they think they are supposed to do and what they want to actually set out to do or achieve1.

Click on this link to see an illustration and explanation of the types of goals that can help you to set out to do what you really want to do.

Understanding types of goals…Types of Goals

FOR EXAMPLE, Chris is excited about her plans she set for herself in grade 10 – a career in nursing.  Her decision was based on which subjects she enjoyed ( Biology, Physical Education) and the fact that she enjoyed working with people in a team as well as helping others.  To attain this goal, a self-set long term goal, she needed to plan for success via her courses.  She worked backwards from her goal and figured out all the necessary steps she needed to accomplish to attain this goal.  She then mapped out these steps, looking forward, starting with what needed to happen in her grade 11 year, the summer between grade 11 and 12, and then grade 12.  She was able to take her goal and break it down into small manageable junks – daily, weekly, monthly goals that contributed towards her long term goal.

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1Hadwin, A. F. (2008). Self-regulated learning. In T. L. Good (Ed.), 21st century education: A reference handbook. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.



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