Posted by: bclawrence | August 10, 2011

The Role of Self-Regulation in Writing

The Role of Self-Regulation in Writing

Why self-regulated learning?

Self-regulated learning refers to the deliberate planning, monitoring, and regulating of cognitive, behavioral, and affective processes. Self-regulated learners are motivationally active in their own learning. Significantly, many educational researchers demonstrate that students can learn to become self-regulated and this can be refined under instructional conditions.

Self-regulation instruction:

Self-regulation instruction can help students learn about strategies to improve their learning and performance. Importantly, strategies are taught within the context of an academic setting. For example, students are taught about writing a paragraph along with a strategy for self-evaluation in the context of a classroom writing lesson.

In this post, instructors will learn how to help students to make use of four basic self-regulation processes. Each link provides a definition, additional links or resources, and a brief narrated presentation on the self-regulation process and writing.

Once you have read through the above self-regulation processes, watch this video where high-school students discuss their essay writing process. While you are watching the video note the self-regulation processes the students are demonstrating  (although always not explicitly stating)!

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