Posted by: amandawinifred | August 20, 2011

Motivation Regulation and Technology

It’s hard to get motivated when you don’t have a very clear idea of what you want to accomplish in a small working amount of time. For instance, if you sit down to “study,” if it’s something you’re not too interested in, it’s hard to actually accomplish a task. In addition to the motivation regulation strategies already discussed, such as Reminders and Rewards, The Material and You, and Will and Change, you can also support your motivation level and regulate your learning through setting SMART goals. To learn more check out SRL and GOALS, GET A GRIP.

In the following activity, you’ll see how goal-setting can be combined with motivation regulation strategies and technology as a powerful means to help you regulate your motivation!

As mentioned in Will and Change (Volition), one method of Environmental Regulation is to keep a calendar nearby to track your goals and schedule study sessions. You can use a calendar program that allows you to type in your daily goals. You can use one that comes free with your computer, or try a variety of free calendar programs available online. See the example below of the a calendar page that comes free with my computer:

Note that you can arrange the calendar to show a month view, weekly view, or daily view, whichever best suits your purpose.

Using a calendar program can obviously help you schedule and track your SMART goal-setting and attainment. In addition, you can also track motivational challenges you experience as you work toward individual goals, the motivational strategies you use to help you overcome those challenges, as well as a self-reflection where you comment on the effectiveness of the motivational strategy you selected in that particular situation.

Tracking and reflecting on your motivation challenges, the motivational strategies you use and their effectiveness, will help you become more aware of your motivational state and better able to regulate it. Please see the video below for an example of this use of technology to support motivation regulation. Our student in this scenario,  was assigned a five-page research essay for his History 100 class. Click here to see how he identified his motivational challenges, strategies used, and reflections in relation to his daily goals.

Now it’s your turn! Check out the calendar program available on your computer, or download one for free. Try scheduling your goals with this calendar, as well as your motivational challenges, strategies you used, and your reflections on their effectiveness. Try using this technology to help you be a better self-regulated learner!

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