Posted by: mvanboekel | November 5, 2011

Dealing with Negative Feedback – Overview

Dealing with Negative Feedback

So you’ve gotten an assignment back, and you have done worse than you expected.

Maybe it was because you set poor goals , didn’t truly understand the task, or just didn’t really give it the time it deserves. Whatever the reason, how you deal academic failure will affect your emotional state, your motivation and even your ability to complete the next assignment.

A common reaction to failure for most students is to focus on the poor grade and begin contemplating the consequences of the problem. In the psychology world this is known as ruminating.

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Click on the links below to learn more about coping with negative feedback

Follow the links below to gain a better understanding of academic rumination, to measure your ruminative tendencies, and to help you deal with stressful academic situations.

1)  What is academic rumination?
Here you will find out more useful information about rumination: What is rumination? What are the consequences of ruminating? etc.

2)  Rumination and the self-regulated learning (SRL) process
Many believe that the act of ruminating is helpful when dealing with a variety of problems.  However this is not the case.  Here you will learn how your ability to regulate your learning will be impacted by ruminative thoughts.

3)  Do I have ruminative tendencies?
This page will help you to evaluate your tendencies to ruminate.

4)  Dealing with rumination
Understanding what rumination is of importance.  However, most students will be concerned with overcoming ruminative tendencies.  Here I will provide you with examples/descriptions of four proven methods of dealing with rumination.

5)  Moving forward: Using negative feedback to improve your work
Once you have dealt with your rumination, it is important to figure out how to use negative feedback to your advantage.  This link provides information on taking the next step in succeeding in university. 


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