Posted by: mvanboekel | November 5, 2011

Dealing with rumination

Now that you know what rumination is, and have assessed your tendency to ruminate, what should you do?

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The following four links are proven ways to deal with (or help prevent) rumination:

–        Distract yourself until you are ready to problem solve
(The above link is for a short video demonstrating helpful forms of distraction)

–        Practice Mindfulness
(The above link is for a short video discussing what it means to be mindful)

–        Expressive writing
(The above link is for an emotional regulation strategy guide that will teach you how to use expressive writing to help you deal with the negative emotions that may arise from receiving negative feedback)

–        Re-evaluate how you attribute success and failure
(The above link is for a questionnaire which will help you to determine your theory on intelligence/learning, and a short video discussing the pros and cons of different theories of intelligence)

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