Posted by: melissajneal | December 6, 2011

Self-Talk Log


Whenever a negative thought crosses your mind jot it down in a daily journal or log. Reflect on it at the time or later in the day and re-evaluate why you thought that way and how you can restructure your perspective on the issue.

  1. Jot down thought
  2. Identify it as negative, positive, neutral
  3. Reflect on way you feel this way and create phrases or strategies to overcome the obstacle

EXAMPLE: Writer’s Block

Guerin et al. (2010)

Eva experienced writer’s block completing a course assignment. In order to overcome this challenge:

Eva wrote out her thoughts and feelings and identified that her obstacle was attributed to her negative inner dialogue, and not to her inability to write.

“I was thinking so negatively it prevented me from writing”
Replaced negative phrases with positive ones, creating a realistic framework to attain goals from:

“You’ve got the resources out there to help you”

“You’ll work through it, you’ve done it before”


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